Refunds and Exchanges. 

Refunds and Exchanges. 

In terms of s16 of the CPA, if a consumer has bought goods as a result of direct marketing,   

 then for a period of 5 days after receiving the goods

  • No invoice no refund
  • Refund only on specifide parts
  • 20% restocking charge will be implicated (20% of your total invoiced amount).
  • Delivery and Coriur charges are NON-REFUNDABLE.

All Starters Motors, Window Mechanisms and Wiper Motors are tested before purchase of sale.

Note: Electrical / electronic parts are easily damaged by improper installation or testing. Because electronics are very sensitive to voltage overloads, it does not take much of a voltage spike to ruin a component. Unplugging a wiring connector while the key is still on can create a momentary voltage surge of hundreds of volts. Crossing up the wrong wires or using the wrong test procedures can also damage sensitive electronics.

ENGINES GEARBOXES & DIFFS:Engines Gearboxes & Diffs are given a 30 Day guarantee.

ENGINESare guaranteedto be in good operating condition within reasonable limits of specifications stated by 3rdMillennium New & Used Parts. Engines must be installed by a qualified technician and have new oil and filter installed and a minor tune-up. New crank, cam seals and timing belts are highly recommended to be replaced. Their failure or resulting damage is not warranted.

Gearboxes & Diff’s are guaranteedto be in good operating condition within reasonable limits of specifications stated by 3rdMillennium New & Used Parts. Any tampering or damaged parts returned will result in No Refund.

  • Externally attached items or accessories such as but not limited to water pumps, distributors, manifolds, fuel pumps, carburetors, throttle bodies, injectors and brackets.
  • Time loss due to break-down or any other consequential damage.
  • Towing charges or rental car expenses.
  • Loss of oil, gas, antifreeze or other fluids.
  • Damage to any other parts or accessories not supplied with the engine.
  • Labour charges.
  • Failure due to incorrect or insufficient fluid levels will void any guarantee.

All non-deployed air bags and other Supplemental Restraint Systems (SRS) such as, but not limited to, seat belts, are sold on an ???AS IS??? basis and the user assumes all risks that may arise as a result of the use of the part(s). NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-RETURNABLE.

Any special orders or body section cuts are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-RETURNABLEall sections will be cut to the customers instructions apon veiwing with sales representative.

Custmers are to insure that the part they buy is the correct part needed. In result of your macanic making an error with spesific parts will cost you as we will not refund the parts, as we supplied what you asked for. An Exchange maybe offered if stock is available.


Credit Note:We will be glad to give you a credit note in which you are able to redeem with in a year.

Please Note: 3rdMillennium New & Used Parts sells second hand auto vechle parts, customers must understand that all parts are sold as is in terms they have been previuosly used and there will be wear and tear, dents and minor inperfections. All parts supplied are used at the customers own risk and 3rdMillennium New & used Parts will not be held responsible.